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Hotel Foscari Palace Venice



An utterly charming 4-star hotel in the shadow of Ponte Rialto in Venice's Cannaregio district, the Foscari Palace is the former residence of the Duke Gonzaga and dates back to 1521 and has 23 rooms in Standard, Superior and Deluxe categories.


Like many independent hotels with a limited number of rooms in a major tourist destination, the Foscari Palace approached Fisheyes in order to have more control over its sales, its rates and an keep a better eye on its competitors. After consultation with other happy partners in the Venice accommodation family, the hotel owners decided to test Fisheyes' reputation.


In 2012 Fisheyes built its first version of the Foscari official website, not only utilising the WebHotelier booking engine and Parity Checker but also the Price Comparison widget - a feature that allows visitors to the site to compare the official site prices with the OTA prices such as Expedia and Booking.


Utilising the Demand Prediction Tool - another popular add-on to the WebHotelier package, the Foscari Palace was not only able to upstage its competitors from the comfort of its own Bookings page but also set prices at the optimal value for revenue maximisation. The results? Maximum efficiency and booking conversion!


Not only one of the most charming and characteristic hotels in Venice, the Foscari Palace is also a force in its own right in the online accommodation arena of Venice, with a fast, functional, responsive website that really works for its owners.

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