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Online Web Marketing

Fisheyes Ltd are a Web Design Company specialising in internet solutions and web site design for Hotels in Italy and the UK, one of our specialties is Web Marketing...

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It is generally agreed that the more incoming and relative links that you have to your website then the better it is perceived to be by the search engines.



In order to increase visibility of your website, including your link, or details of your site on related travel portals will increase traffic to your site and also increase visibility. Fisheyes Ltd now have seven very active portals to do just that. These portals assist in driving quality traffic to your website.



Keeping in touch with your clients is an extremely effective way of retaining their loyalty and more importantly their custom. Sending out a regular newsletter with special offers, weekend breaks, and last minute deals is a great way of keeping in contact with clients and is also very cost effective.



The wider an audience that your website appeals to the better. Although a lot of people speak English, many internet users do not. Having the site translated into other languages makes it a lot easier for them to understand the content of the website, and more importantly, easier for them to book. To date we have successfully translated websites from English into Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish and Norwegian.


Online Web Strategy

At the moment there are in excess of 8 billion web pages online. - source wikipedia - That is a lot of competition. There is no point in having a fantastic looking web site that no one is ever going to find. Getting your online web strategy correct is essential. Your website needs to be attractive to look at however, for it to be an effective marketing tool it also needs to be highly visible on search engine. Get it right and you have a fantastic selling channel that is accessible 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The first step in online web marketing is to choose the correct domain for your hotel. This is very important as it plays a very crucial first step in getting found on search engines.

Ensure that your website is technically correct, ie the meta tags, alt tags, description tags and key words fit the description of your hotel are also very important.

The actual design and content of your site is probably the most important aspect to get right. The content should be unique, well written, well presented and easy for clients to navigate. It should display all the relevant information that a potential client needs, but most importantly it should be easy for clients to book.

For any advice on hotel management do not hesitate to contact . Fisheyes is a company that not only manages the hotel website but also specialises in the marketing of accommodation in Italy and therefore offers targeted advice for the entire Italian hotel market.

Once these basic rules have been followed the next phase of site promotion can be started.

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