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Quickly, easily and at minimum cost, PrimalRES is the easiest and fastest way to set up and maintain your hotel information, tariffs and availability on the most popular online travel agent websites such as, Lastminute, Venere, Expedia, HRS and others.

Online and in real time, upload your room availability and rates, keep track of all bookings coming from every single website and maintain your rate integrity by guaranteeing rate parity across all channels.

PrimalRES saves you time and money. It can reduce from hours to minutes the time you spend uploading rates and inventories. Enter the data just once in a user-friendly interface and then update all channels with a single mouseclick. With our Pro-Active system you can track all bookings from every source in real time and online. It's fast, accurate and sells rooms extremely more efficiently and effectively.

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Boost sales and profit

Now you can take on an unlimited number of travel agent websites without taking up more of your time. Plus, you can vary your rates day to day instantly to make the most of the market. More exposure at the right rates = more sales!


Pro-Active Channel Management

Our revolutionary system lets you receive bookings from your all channels while it simultaneously and automatically updates availability and notifies all channels that a booking has been made, so that overbooking risk is absolutely minimized. Tracking your bookings in real time and online has never been easier.


Rate parity has never been easier

Our system allows effective control of rate parity and assures rate integrity. Your consumers can feel confident in booking with your hotel. Rate parity ensures an even playing field and is critical in protecting a hotel's relationship with all its distribution partners. PrimalRES offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to differentiate with a base rate differentiation system or simply to apply full Rate Parity across the board, your choice!


Your Channel Requirement

It's easy for us to add the channels that are important to you from our approved list. If a channel you'd like is not already listed, let us know and we can quickly put the requested channel through our approval procedure and add it to our list of approved channels.

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