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Four Star Hotel Rome - TMark Hotel Vaticano, 21 Rooms and 3 Mini Suite



The project to build a website for the TMark Hotel Vaticano in Rome - an elegant 4 star hotel situated in the shadow of the Vatican City. This 4 star hotel is located directly in front of the Entrance to the Vatican Museums which of course contains thousands of priceless pieces of art and culminates with the Sistine Chapel and of course Michelangelo's frescoed ceiling. The TMark Hotel Vaticano required a website which reflected the hotel's lofty position on Trivago and TripAdvisor.


This project was implemented with the idea of effectively presenting the main selling points of the TMark Hotel Vaticano and improving the sales results of the previous website. By adding WebHotelier booking system and channel manager the aim was to direct more traffic and hence sales through the hotel's official website and consequently pay less commissions to and Expedia. Potential customers are enticed into sojourning at the hotel by receiving discounts and "members only" deals if they book directly with the official site . a fully functioning and super sharp "price widget" installed on the front-end of the hotel website booking engine ensures guests can check instantly the price on the website v and expedia, this real-time check has been instrumental in signficantly increasing visit / reservation conversion rate. In addition to the members only deals there are also periodic special offers and packages could also be offered exclusively via the official hotel website.


Having already collaborated with Fisheyes in the past (just for the booking engine) we were delighted when the family agreed to develop the "redesign of the official website project" together. Afterall who wouldn't want this prestigious family run 4 star hotel in their portfolio. The proprietors knew that Fisheyes could bring the same success to the TMark Hotel Vaticano as is now evident with over 350 other hotels and guest houses in the Eternal City.


This project began in July 2016 and the results have been very impressive. Commissions paid to the OTAs have been significantly reduced and the bookings which now pass directly via the hotel's official website booking engine have increased dramatically. Everyone is really happy and we hope that we can continue to provide a fruitful and successful service for the years to come.


After having asked Fisheyes to design a responsive website for the TMark Hotel Vaticano and provide a Booking Engine and Channel Manager, the proprietors have been very happy with the results.

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