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Massively Increase your bookings by connecting your hotel immediately to over 10,000 Travel Agents World Wide with Real Time Booking based on online availability.

With the Business-to-Business solution of WebHotelier you can:

  • Connect your current travel agents to your hotel online.
  • Search for new potential partners and expand your business.
  • Choose which travel agents to accept and group according to the type of collaboration
  • Create different levels of commission and / or net rates for each group of travel agents.
  • Choose different payment policies based on the type of collaboration / rate chosen.
  • Receive reservations in real time, based on availability available online.
  • Save time and increase your bookings. Easy and fast!


Join WebHotelier B2B and connect your property with over 10,000 travel agents & wholesalers around the world!

WebHotelier have launched its revolutionary B2B module, enabling hotels to connect with Wholesalers & Travel Agents around the world. Currently more than 10,000+ Travel Agents have already signed up and joined this B2B community, having access to hotels' NET rates belonging to WebHotelier's client database. The main advantages are as follows:

  • It's one of the quickest and easiest ways to connect to all these Travel Agents that would take years to find them yourself.
  • Hotels can invite current partners to join this and also find new partnerships.
  • Rates are always on a NET basis so there is no need for the travel agent to raise commission invoices after their client's departure.
  • Availability is in real time, based on what is currently published on the public hotel's website.
  • No need for you to worry about possible overbookings, availability or missing information upon reservation.
  • Reservations are received via email – as usual – and availability is reduced at the time of booking.

Contact us now to find out how to increase your bookings.

Italia Ufficio (Roma) +39 06 4824329

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