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What is Fisheyes?



Our complete suite of innovative and cutting edge products gives you the Hotelier all the tools you need to turn Lookers into Bookers and maximise your turnover. Our sole objective is to help you increase your direct sales and hence your profitability. Brand Reputation, Conversion Rate, ROI, Instant Booking, Trviago, TripConnect, Google Adwords. All the solutions that you need in the one stop shop called Fisheyes.

icon Website

Today a hotel web site is much more than simply an online brochure...

It's a marketing tool which if designed properly will increase your hotel's turnover and consequently profitably.

Today a hotel web site is much more than simply an online brochure...

Therefore, choosing the right company to design your hotel web site is an important decision which involves deciding a budget, time scale and content for the project.


A web site is a selling weapon

It should produce bookings with payments direct to you the Hotel!


Evolution of Internet

The internet is now bigger, stronger and faster – you need a web site for tomorrow!


Tourism Trends

People are more independent and the growth of low-fare carriers such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet have changed the way people book their holidays for ever!


Fresh Look New Clients

A new web site invigorates your commercial activities and helps you assess the overall business strategy of your hotel.

Responsive Sites for Hotels - In 2018 responsive sites will be everywhere!

Here at Fisheyes we specialize in designing web sites for Hotels, Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfasts and other accommodation providers in Italy and Scotland. All of our web sites are profitable and have substantially increased the turnover and "Web" presence of the properties in our extensive portfolio of hotels.

icon Booking

Introducing WebHotelier ChannelStream

Today a hotel web site is much more than simply an online brochure...

Therefore, choosing the right company to design your hotel web site is an important decision which involves deciding a budget, time scale and content for the project.


Optimized online Booking System

Enough spending money to bring customers to your site who will never book!. Webhotelier is optimized to finalize reservations. You could not find another system that performs better.


Easy to use

To help customers make a decision, the information is presented clear and easy to use. This is our philosophy. Personalize your online reservation system to better represent the needs and potential of your brand.


Safe, reliable, powerful

PCI certified, encrypted communications, hardware firewalls and data center. Webhotelier is number one for safety.


A great tool in your hands

The WebHotelier management is the best in its category. Take advantage of the effectiveness of our system and exploited the full potential of your property.


Webhotelier is easy to install and even easier to use

The system has been specifically conceived and designed to meet the needs of hoteliers. All modules and steps have been optimized to quickly and easily manage your property.


Decide for the best

When displayed on the bulletin board that statistics and more detailed reports, WebHotelier provides you with the information and data necessary to decide the best. Contact us: [email protected]

icon Channel

The Channel Manager is used by hundreds of hotels and allows the hotel to reduce the number of rooms for sale on the OTAs resulting in more direct sales through the Official Site.

Achieve higher occupancy

Quickly, easily and at minimum cost, WebHotelier ChannelStream is the easiest and fastest way to set up and maintain your hotel information, tariffs and availability on the most popular online travel agent websites such as, Lastminute, Venere, Expedia, HRS and others.

Online and in real time, upload your room availability and rates, keep track of all bookings coming from every single website and maintain your rate integrity by guaranteeing rate parity across all channels.

WebHotelier ChannelStream saves you time and money. It can reduce from hours to minutes the time you spend uploading rates and inventories. Enter the data just once in a user-friendly interface and then update all channels with a single mouseclick. With our Pro-Active system you can track all bookings from every source in real time and online. It's fast, accurate and sells rooms extremely more efficiently and effectively.

Expand your hotel's potential


Boost sales and profit

Now you can take on an unlimited number of travel agent websites without taking up more of your time. Plus, you can vary your rates day to day instantly to make the most of the market. More exposure at the right rates = more sales!


Pro-Active Channel Management

Our revolutionary system lets you receive bookings from your all channels while it simultaneously and automatically updates availability and notifies all channels that a booking has been made, so that overbooking risk is absolutely minimized. Tracking your bookings in real time and online has never been easier.


Rate parity has never been easier

Our system allows effective control of rate parity and assures rate integrity. Your consumers can feel confident in booking with your hotel. Rate parity ensures an even playing field and is critical in protecting a hotel's relationship with all its distribution partners. WebHotelier ChannelStream offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to differentiate with a base rate differentiation system or simply to apply full Rate Parity across the board, your choice!


Your Channel Requirement

It's easy for us to add the channels that are important to you from our approved list. If a channel you'd like is not already listed, let us know and we can quickly put the requested channel through our approval procedure and add it to our list of approved channels.

icon Digital

Fisheyes Ltd offer a wide range of internet solutions and online marketing for hotels in Italy.

Online Web Marketing

Fisheyes Ltd are a Web Design Company specialising in internet solutions and web site design for Hotels in Italy and the UK, one of our specialties is Web Marketing...



It is generally agreed that the more incoming and relative links that you have to your website then the better it is perceived to be by the search engines.



In order to increase visibility of your website, including your link, or details of your site on related travel portals will increase traffic to your site and also increase visibility. Fisheyes Ltd now have seven very active portals to do just that. These portals assist in driving quality traffic to your website.



Keeping in touch with your clients is an extremely effective way of retaining their loyalty and more importantly their custom. Sending out a regular newsletter with special offers, weekend breaks, and last minute deals is a great way of keeping in contact with clients and is also very cost effective.



The wider an audience that your website appeals to the better. Although a lot of people speak English, many internet users do not. Having the site translated into other languages makes it a lot easier for them to understand the content of the website, and more importantly, easier for them to book. To date we have successfully translated websites from English into Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish and Norwegian.

Online Web Strategy

At the moment there are in excess of 8 billion web pages online. - source wikipedia - That is a lot of competition. There is no point in having a fantastic looking web site that no one is ever going to find. Getting your online web strategy correct is essential. Your website needs to be attractive to look at, but in order to be an effective marketing tool it also need to be highly visible. Get it right and you have a fantastic selling channel that is accessible 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The first step in online web marketing is to choose the correct domain for your hotel. This is very important as it plays a very crucial first step in getting found on search engines.

Ensure that your website is technically correct, ie the meta tags, alt tags, description tags and key words fit the description of your hotel are also very important.

The actual design and content of your site is probably the most important aspect to get right. The content should be unique, well written, well presented and easy for clients to navigate. It should display all the relevant information that a potential client needs, but most importantly it should be easy for clients to book.

if you are looking for advice or Hotel Management Consultancy please see Missing Link Hotel Management Rome who are a Roman Based hospitality management company specialising in Hotels in Rome.

Once these basic rules have been followed the next phase of site promotion can be started.

Fisheyes' Achievements

Almost all of our partners have increased their direct sales significantly.

85% of our websites are translated into at least 5 major languages.
98% in direct sales through the official website.
60% of our guests have stayed 3 or more times in the same hotel.
74% of Americans prefer to book with us using the hotel's official website

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BOOKING BASIC aims to obtain additional availability by drawing on the availability bases of wholesalers, so if before it was possible to have control over the OTA’s, thanks to Booking. Basic all this becomes more difficult.

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Abolition of parity rate | 24.08.2017

In August 2017 the Italian Senate passed a historic law removing all parity rate obligations for hotels. This simply means that hotels are free to openly publish a lower rate on their official website v and Expedia.

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"HOTEL BRAND JACKING" | 23.05.2011

Misuse of Hotel Brand Names by OTAs like and Expedia is costing hotel billions of euros a year in lost revenue. Read more how “brand jacking” works and what you the hotelier can do to stop it.

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With the stratospheric rise in the use of mobile devices and the rise in the popularity of tablets and notebooks; you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice if your website is not designed to respond and adjust to ALL of these devices.

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