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Responsive websites for Hotels

Responsive Websites for Hotels In recent times it is commonplace to hear about Responsive websites! Fisheyes is now able to create web sites where the visualization of the pages is always optimal no matter the screen that is being used to view it whether it be from a PC screen to that of a smartphone, ipad or any other tablet. There is therefore no need to design two distinctive sites (one for desktop devices and another for smartphones) with two alternate displays depending on whether one is visiting the site from one or the other device, but rather with the Responsive Site we can show current contents in a database common to both styles.


two versions

Two VersionsWith Responsive web design there is now no need to implement two different versions of a website but instead one can work within styling rules (CSS – Cascading Style Sheets) to meet the requirements according to the different screen sizes, creating a website that changes and adapts to reformat the content to produce the perfect display for the viewing device.



AdvantagesWhat are the advantages of a Responsive Site? Following the exponential spread of mobile devices, such as Smartphones or Tablets, more and more people are accessing the web “on the move”. According to Fisheyes Ltd data, over 70% of the bookings were made "online" in 2013 and were carried out by people younger than 40 years old. The trend within this age group making online bookings is that they are accessing the internet via their smartphone rather than a laptop.  Therefore, a hotel Responsive Site is essential if your site is to be targeted to mobile users and more generally the younger generation!

Due to its characteristics, Responsive Web Design for hotels is surely one of the best techniques to increase direct sales from the Official Website. Additional benefits: fluid site, fast and efficient performance, formatted and streamlined, flexible and intuitive navigation bar, fast loading times. This allows us to offer you a pleasant browsing experience, making sure that customers immediately find all the information they need and the price of the rooms in real time without any problems. It also allows simple maintenance and updating of data on the site - that is, to change a photo, add or change text, translations etc. Creating a single website is achieved with a one on one relationship between structure and content in the event of changes, thereby reducing the time and cost of maintenance.

Last but not least are the important benefits and advantages in terms of placement/positioning in the search engines! Google and Yahoo love responsive sites because they are lightweight and take up less space on their servers... responsive sites, if integrated with the hotel's Facebook and Twitter pages are rewarded by search engines and thus generate more bookings! Obviously, given the complexity of creating a Responsive website, the time for the realization of the project is longer (4 weeks), but as the saying goes “It’ll be worth it !”

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increase revenue

Increase Revenue

If a site is not responsive it can affect the conversion rate. According to Google research for "The Mobile Movement" 70% of mobile users compared prices of hotels and accommodation on their mobile phones, 65% read online reviews on Tripdavisor and/or Trivago, and 50 % of bookings or purchase came from mobile portals.

Pleasant Navigation Experience

A Responsive Site is able to adapt to different devices, widening or narrowing in width, depending on the size of the device screen. The responsive site recognizes the user's device (iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Android, etc.) and responds with a suitable layout, menus, photos and grids that are flexible!

great visibility

Google and the major search engines reward responsive sites because they are lightweight and responsive with pages that are quick to download. In addition to it being a single site (before there was one mobile site and one site for desktops) the links associated with the domain increase and consequently increase the visibility or “traffic” on the site!