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Hotel Manfredi Rome


3 Star Hotel Rome – Hotel Manfredi – 18 Luxurious Rooms Near Spanish Steps


The Hotel Manfredi is a luxurious 3 star hotel rated in the top 20 of over 1250 hotels in Rome by TripAdvisor. Elegant and comfortable, the suites and rooms offered by Hotel Manfredi enjoy air conditioning, pristine bathrooms with hydromassage shower, and free high speed WI-FI connection. Positioned just 250 yards from the famous Spanish Steps, the metro underground station and the designer shopping street of Via Condotti, guests to this hotel are in the fashion centre of Rome. In March 2015, Hotel Manfredi contacted Fisheyes to request a redesign of their Official Site in order to adapt to a fast changing market, take advantage of Fisheyes SEO skills and increase bookings through the site.

Project Goals

As part of the web design project lifecycle, Fisheyes liaised with Hotel Manfredi to identify precisely what the project goals were in addition to preferences and background that would enable Fisheyes to produce a site that met the customer's needs and achieved their goals in the most efficient way possible. Due to the hotel’s proximity to the designer shopping & fashion area, it was identified that the Hotel Manfredi’s target clientele were of a higher social and affluence demographic and this was reflected not only in Hotel Manfredi’s luxurious facilities but also the way in which the text & site design was to be accomplished. In addition to identifying the target customer sector, Fisheyes also realised that effective SEO was necessary to boost Hotel Manfredi in the search engine listing rankings in order to achieve greater referrals and traffic. It was also identified that the conversions from mere site visitor to actual customer needed to be increased. Finally, the Hotel Manfredi required an online booking system that was easy to use for both customer and management which would professionally handle bookings in addition to being able to handle special offers and discounts.

Fisheyes and Hotel Manfredi

Keen to ensure that Hotel Manfredi received excellent customer service and enjoyed a healthy increase in profits from a quality Official Website, Fisheyes immediately organised their considerable resources to develop a site that not only met the project goals but exceeded them. Project managers, front end designers, database designers, communication managers, text writers, translators and a variety of technologies were all utilised to seamlessly cooperate in producing a top quality hotel website that achieved enviable search engine listing, impressive visitor to customer conversion rates, increased site visibility, a bespoke communication and discount system, and increased administrative efficiency in managing bookings.


Thanks to the identification of the target customer base, Fisheyes was able to design and write a site in English that engaged customers and interest them enough to make a booking. Using more visual media such as large pictures, videos, and virtual tour software, Fisheyes increased the ‘trust feeling’ to enable visitors to gain confidence and increase the conversion rate to customer status. The text, colour scheme and design were also tailored to the luxurious character of the Hotel Manfredi and the target customer sector. A newsletter and discount system was created to increase repeat bookings and enable staff to manage fluctuations in market demand. The result was a site that appeared in a significantly higher ranking on the main search engines, had a greater booking conversion rate, reached a greater band of customer with different site translations and geo-targeting, built up an email list for future customers and increased revenue and efficiency for the booking process.


Fisheyes was able to utilise its considerable expertise and personnel to understand the needs of Hotel Manfredi and design an Official Site in multiple languages utilising various multimedia formats and software to engage target customers and convert them into paying customers. The SEO techniques and comprehensive booking system also ensure that the traffic to the site increased and bookings were efficiently handled. Finally, Fisheyes were also able to exceed expectations by compiling and building a database of prospective customers and open communication avenues for direct marketing to interested potential customers to increase repeat sales and other revenue streams.