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Eur Suites Rome


4 Star Hotel Rome – EUR Suite Hotel – 92 Quality Rooms With Great Transport Links


Part of the prestigious Blue Globe Hotels group, the EUR Suite Hotel is strategically positioned near Rome’s ring road, and near the district of EUR with is access to the city’s underground metro system. A top quality 4 star hotel, the EUR Suite offers 92 comfortable and chic rooms decorated and furnished in a modern style with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and the latest mod cons. This large hotel boasts Meeting and Banqueting Facilities, free car parking, a business centre, hotel restaurant and hotel bar. The EUR Suite Hotel contacted Fisheyes as recently as June 2015 aware as they were of Fisheyes great reputation and experience managing the online bookings of leading large hotels.

Project Goals

EUR Suite Hotel required an attractive and well designed website that presented their facilities and selling points to prospective customers in the best way possible in order to increase bookings. This therefore also included a better search engine ranking and greater site traffic to boost revenue. Finally, the site also needed to include a professional attractive and easy to use room booking system in order to not only allow customers to place real time secure bookings, but also to allow hotel staff to manage the bookings efficiently.

Fisheyes and EUR SUITE HOTEL

Following a series of meetings and information gathering, Fisheyes wrote a comprehensive website in English with a design and colour scheme that complimented the ethos and vision of this business hotel. Various forms of multimedia were also used on the site designed to increase customer trust in the potential transaction and thus improving conversion rates from pure visitor, to paying guest. Finally the website was translated into a myriad of different languages to reach previously untapped customer bases using geo-targetting. Fisheyes then finally implemented its SEO expertise in order to maximise the impact of all of these core areas.


The Eur Suite Hotel was presented with a brand new professional website that was easy to navigate, had intelligent and targeted English content and utilised high impact visual multimedia such as images, videos and virtual tours in order to make the site visitor feel comfortable in the transaction. The booking system then efficiently handled this interest to turn enquiries into concrete bookings and the hotel staff had the flexibility and management tools to ensure that the hotel could react to customers needs and commercial realities. The Eur Suite Hotel has since enjoyed a higher search engine ranking with the major search engines due to the good design, content and promotion of the site and correspondingly, the revenue generated from online bookings has increased dramatically.


Understanding the importance of the online reservation market, EUR Suite Hotel trusted and chose Fisheyes to produce an attractive and functional website that best presented their property to their potential guests, and utilising their considerable expertise and personnel, Fisheyes was able to provide EUR Suite Hotel with a highly functional, content rich, multi lingual website with a professional and comprehensive booking system that has generated a considerable amount of extra income for the hotel group and improved their online presence and reputation.