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Hotel San Giorgio Florence

Hotel San Giorgio Florence - Florence 3 star Hotel - 500 yards from the Santa Maria Novella station


Being only a few hundred meters from the train station of Santa Maria Novella and the Convention Center Fiorentino, Hotel San Giorgio Florence is a three-star hotel which has always been a great choice for those who are in the Tuscan capital for labor .

Project Goals

Being also a few blocks away from Piazza del Duomo in Florence, where you can admire the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, towards the end of 2004 the family Lodovichi, owner of generations of this three-star hotel in Florence, has seen fit to put in place a new policy for the presentation and sale of the property to increase its appeal to tourists who come to Florence for leisure.

Fisheyes and Hotel San Giorgio

The contacts between Fisheyes and Hotel San Giorgio now go back a few years ago, and came to fruition in 2005 with the creation of a website with a few pages more than the norm. Like for example, that of the Customer Comments and, given the proximity to the Duomo, the Florence Virtual Tour, to present a few museums in the city.


With the creation and indexing networked site translated into English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese, Hotel San Giorgio Florence has managed to increase bookings and the total number of guests, including a substantial increase in was recorded among tourists, groups and families who come to Florence to visit its monuments.


Begun in 2005, the relationship between Fisheyes and the Hotel San Giorgio Florence proceed in the best way with a benefit for both sides, so that already is expected to redesign the site, and maybe equip it with a video presentation.