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Hotel Dania Sorrento

Three Star Hotel Sorrento - Hotel Dania


The Hotel Dania Sorrento is a spacious seaside hotel and resort in the 3 star category, with panoramic views, beautiful natural surroundings and the space to truly unwind and relax. Located two kilometres outside of the city centre of Sorrento, this family-run structure has 52 Mediterranean style rooms ranging from single to triple as well as ample public areas both inside and out. Atop the steep coastal slope of the Sorrentine peninsular, the panoramic terrace offers views of the Mediterranean Sea for miles around, the Bay of Naples and the stunning southern Italian countryside. There’s also an outdoor pool just off the terrace, as well as a restaurant (run by the family) and private car park on site.

Project Goals

The Hotel Dania initially contacted Fisheyes by telephone and after exchanging a handful of emails it was decided that a company representative, au fait with the many Fisheyes clients on the Amalfi Coast just south of Sorrento, would pay a visit to this charming Italian resort town to learn more about the the owners’ visions for the future, as well as the local industry in general. Meeting the family, the hotel staff and getting to know the rooms and public areas of the structure as well as its immediate surroundings, was all an important step in the process of establishing a strong collaborative relationship with Fisheyes’ first client in the area.

Fisheyes and Hotel dania Sorrento

Soon after becoming partners, Fisheyes despatched the appropriate technical staff in order to create a full visual multimedia experience of the Hotel Dania for implementation on the soon-to-be developed website. A full high definition Photo Gallery of the hotel and the natural landscape all around it accompanied 360° Virtual Tour Images and a professionally shot and edited Hotel Promotional Video.


Beyond the multimedia visual experience, the official website created for the Hotel Dania Sorrento (in English and Italian) is rich in exciting, flowing and deeply informative content, as well as the iBooking online reservation system, featured in all Fisheyes accommodation sites. Hotel Dania has been able to really exploit the capabilities of the system, with options for clients to even pick rooms with sea views, while the hotel management are able to quickly and easily update room availability and special offers.


Once online, Fisheyes began the online marketing campaign, ensuring the site was optimised for search engine visibility and inserted into the network of marketing portals - in particular, Amalfi Hotels Direct - the Fisheyes portal dedicated to the Amalfi Coast, just a few miles south of Sorrento. Dania staff were quickly trained on the use of the system and the rest, as they say, is history!