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Hotel Casa Caprile Capri

Three Star Hotel Capri - Hotel Casa Caprile Capri


Hotel Casa Caprile is a truly charming little 3 star hotel set amid the hilly flora of the island of Capri. With 22 rooms and suites decked out in a refreshing Mediterranean style, this amiable accommodation with its own extensive private gardens and sea views is the ideal choice for a relaxing break in tranquillity and peace. Rates are comparatively low and it’s also said that this hotel was once the residence of the queen of Sweden, Vittoria Friedrich von Baden.

Project Goals

As is often the case, following initial contact by telephone and the exchange of emails, Fisheyes paid a visit to the Hotel Casa Caprile in Capri to better understand the hotel’s requirements, aspirations and to set out a common vision for the future.

Fisheyes and Hotel casa caprile Capri

Previous to entering into partnership with Fisheyes, it’s fair to say that the Casa Caprile Capri did not have great visibility online and, though the hotel enjoyed a unique location amid the tranquillity of the island’s higher slopes, it was noted that this charming accommodation was effectively hidden, both virtually and physically. Following a trip to the island to establish the basis of a working relationship, Fisheyes identified the need to have a deeply informative website that could be used as a point of reference for anyone with any connection to the hotel. Nothing could be done about the hotel’s physical visibility, but its online presence could certainly be improved!


The result was the realisation of a fully functional and slick website that was both attractive and informative and included comprehensive information about the hotel, its features and its immediate surroundings. The main selling points of the property were accentuated in the site which was subsequently translated and optimised for search engines in six languages. Now visible online and with the possibility of online booking in even more languages, guests looking for that idyllic and tranquil accommodation off the beaten track no longer need to trawl the rugged landscape of Capri in order to be in the know!


The Casa Caprile Capri official website, designed, maintained and optimised by Fisheyes in six languages, contains links to the various ferry and hovercraft carriers who travel to the island and detailed instructions on how to arrive at the hotel’s quiet location. As with all of Fisheyes’ most valued clients, the beauty, personality and true essence of the hotel is there for all to see in full multimedia glory thanks to the insertion into the website of a Promotional Video Tour, interactive Virtual Tour and glossy Photo Gallery.