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Hotel Bristol Milan

Hotel Bristol Milan - 4 Star Hotels Milan - Milan Central Station 68 Rooms


Place literally right next to the Central Station in Milan and with large meeting room, Hotel Bristol Milan is a modern 4 star hotel ideal for hosting guests arriving in Milan by train and traveling on business.

Project Goals

Being a stylish 4-star hotel in Milan, when the direction of the Hotel Bristol in 2007, has decided to present the structure of the Internet, has created a site just as stylish, informative, accessible and bookable from anywhere in the world.

Fisheyes and Hotel bristol Milan

Designing a site with these characteristics, while limiting the cost, it is not an easy thing, but with the formula provided by Fisheyes, this may be possible. For a small commission on bookings were successful, Hotel Bristol Milan was able to have an elegant site, with virtual tours, links, services, rooms and frequently asked questions.


Today, since the beginning of this project, the Hotel Bristol Milan has increased the number of rooms booked online directly by the customer, without intermediaries; reduced the number of committees to give pay to agencies and increased earnings.


This stylish and modern 4-star hotel near the train station in Milan, continues today with great results working with fisheyes. Thanks to the training received, the staff at the Hotel Bristol is now able to easily handle the online booking system installed on his official website.