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Hotel Helvetia Venice



A very unique 3-star hotel on Venice Lido, the Helvetia was constructed in the 1920s and wears its turbulent history on its sleeve - the interior of the property exhibits a particular range of styles and characteristics. A fairly large hotel, this attractive accommodation has a garden bar, 24-hour room service and around half of its 50 guest rooms gaze across the lagoon at St Mark's Square.


Such a particular hotel deserved an equally particular website that reflected its shining personality and that's where Fisheyes talent for visual design on a reasonable budget came into play. The site would also, naturally, feature the tools that help push all of Fisheyes' partners online presence to the max.


The Fisheyes-Hotel Helvetia Venice collaboration first began in 2011 with a website in eight languages that really captured the atmosphere of this brilliant, mid-range accommodation and dedicated content to its special features with, among other things, a page solely dedicated to the property's rich history. The site also features WebHotelier's Demand Prediction Tool which assists the management in pricing rooms at the optimum value.


Despite being off the main island, this great hotel manages to successfully communicate to the wider world its shining qualities and as a result, the partnership has gone from strength to strength, with mutual profitability and growth beyond expectations every single year since 2011.


A real success story, in that the Helvetica is no ordinary hotel and therefore its marketing requires special attention. The hotel's collaboration with Fisheyes has resulted in the hotel's unique brand being successfully transferred to the digital world along with a fast and responsive site that is really top of the range.